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Ms. Tiffany Tweedle, RPH

Tiffany Tweedle was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her family moved around a little bit- first out to California, and later settling in Texas. She earned a degree in pharmacy from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and is currently a night shift pharmacist at Longview Regional Hospital.

Tiffany had many pets when she was younger: dogs, fish, birds, a rabbit, an iguana, a snake, and - of course - cats! 

In fact, one of her pet cats, named Ren, was hit by a car a few months after he came to live with her. Tiffany spent her entire month’s allowance on getting him the medical care he needed, and Ren lived for 13 more years!

Tiffany hopes that kids who read Kitty ER will feel pride as they learn new words, will always be purrfectly kind to animals, and that one day they, too, might write stories for others to enjoy.

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Kitty ER

April 23, 2022

The veterinarian and his new wife - who is also his nurse - have just opened a veterinary clinic in an old location that needs lots of work. Before long, they begin to welcome patients to their clinic, and they even gain two feline residents! Mr. Tom and Miss Kitty find in Kitty ER a warm and loving home. Together with their hummo owners, they live happy lives full of playful adventures. And the rest, as the saying goes, is hist-purr-y!

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